The short story entitled Le Train which you can read on the French version of this page was written by five of us in the rers Association here in Normandy. (For more details of this Association where we exchange and share knowledge see article on Isolation and Reciprocity.)  While reading watch out for the local patois, called cauchois, which you can still hear spoken up here.  We worked together for several weeks creating the characters, plot, and spoke to locals to get the patois ‘correct’ and purposefully kept the events local, to this this part of Normandy.   Those of you who read French: enjoy!
The idea was to work and write together in the spirit of the rers, which I explain in the article cited above.

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  1. Marie-Jo January 22, 2017

    We worked hard and laughed a lot together doing this story, encouraging each other. We are proud we made it to the end!

  2. ajh March 5, 2017

    Yes, this was quite a feat. 5 of us. We started by each of us creating a character and building on him/her. Once we felt we knew each character well enough we put them all together in a train carriage. The story was built round the characters (a character-driven story), with the idea of revealing bit by bit the reason why each one was there. Half the fun was making it a local story illustrating how our network RERS Association works. We had a real blast writing this 'joint story'.

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