International Women’s Day : Women Farmers in France

Corinne Delhom, market gardener in the Haute-Garonne.  Photo: La Ruche qui dit Oui

To mark international women’s day today, here are some figures for women farmers in France, published by the French agricultural social security body the MSA. Figures are for 2017:

One in four farm managers in France is a woman. This ratio has remained stable for ten years:
  • 25% of farm managers are women; they number 110 300.
  • 23 500 women are farm associates/workers.
Women farm managers are older than their male counterparts:
  • The average age of women farm managers is 52.1 (6 months up from 2016).
  • 21% of women farm managers are over 60.
  • By comparison, the average age for men farm managers is 48.4 (3 months up from 2016), and 11.4% are over 60.
Their annual income is 29% less than that for men, and their pensions 15% less:
  • Annual income for women farm managers is 29% less than that for men.
  • Pensions for women farm managers are 15% less than those for the men.
  • Less women including spouses are working as associates on farms in France, preferring the role of joint manager.


How does this compare in your country?

See the MSA press release here (French only)

Photo: Corinne Delhom, market gardener in the Haute-Garonne.  Courtesy La Ruche qui dit Oui.