La Chasse, The Hunt

Runrabbit not ready
for shooting and skinning
for boiling and slicing,
jugged in the jars lining the walls
of the timber hut with the corks and the vats,
the bottled duck and the bottled pig
the andouillette and the goose’s gizzards
the cider and Calva –
all tipped up by wild boar.



Photo DDM, archives, source



Reports of fatal accidents caused by hunters in France abound each year. The main cause of accidental deaths during the hunting season 2016/2017 (50% of cases) was the non-respect of the 30 degree angle at which the gun should be held.

Dates for the opening of the hunting season in France is determined by prefectoral decree for each Department.

Figures are not easy to come by, but it is reported that the number of hunters in France are in decline, due to the older generation dying off, the cost of permits, ammunition, equipment and hunting dogs.




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