Why are Dutch and Belgian Farmers choosing France?

At our New Year’s drinks party at the local Mairie (Town Hall) in rural Normandy, our regional MP dared speak up about French attitudes during this period of the longest strikes France has ever seen.  She said we are getting a reputation as a nation …

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Arctic Shaman's Seance

The snow fell quietly, covering the settlement in a thick white blanket.  The shaman had told Okwana she’d recognize the singing hut by the large narwhal ivory which jutted up out of the roof; it whistled when the wind raced over the ice, he’d said. …

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Normandy Notebook

Lubrizol. deadly explosion in Rouen


The fall-out  from the  spectacular explosion of the chemical factory Lubrizol near Rouen on 26th September not only nearly asphyxiated local inhabitants with clouds of soot swirling in the air, it has also infiltrated the soil a…

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Archangels and Angelica

A half crazed warrior Thorgeir and his poet brother Thormod were in the Icelandic mountains picking angelica for their soups, salads, and medicinal remedies.  At a place known as Thorgeir’s ledge, near Hornstrandir in the Western Fjords where the …

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