Agricultural Land Prices: France and Europe 2019



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Arctic Shaman's Seance

The snow fell quietly, covering the settlement in a thick white blanket.  The shaman had told Okwana she’d recognize the singing hut by the large narwhal ivory which jutted up out of the roof; it whistled when the wind raced over the ice, he’d said. …

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Normandy Notebook

Return of the Normande and the Camembert Wars

My horse gave me a lesson in more ways than one not long ago.  I was riding her down a beautiful stretch here in Normandy when suddenly she started hyperventilating and twisted her body round as if to turn back.  I coaxed her on to no avail and, with…

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Archangels and Angelica

A half crazed warrior Thorgeir and his poet brother Thormod were in the Icelandic mountains picking angelica for their soups, salads, and medicinal remedies.  At a place known as Thorgeir’s ledge, near Hornstrandir in the Western Fjords where the …

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