October : The Hunt

0 Photo: P. HUGUEN/AFP

They’re shooting pigeons up in the air

shooting wild boar berserk in the woods,

they sway in the corn with their rifles loaded

aim with the warm red wine in their veins

shoot their leader in the foot

shoot their neighbour on the shins


1 narcisus3

He buttoned up his leaf jacket

soaked his shoes in brine

laced them up with marigolds

snatched a hat of sundrenched hay

sprinkled it with buttercups

broak a branch from the willow tree

strode along the track spread out by the moon

House of Shells

0 DSC_2341

(illustration by French artist Christine Chamson)

He came washed up, limbs wavering
shells caught in the net of his Sargasso hair
the glint of the sea lodged in his eye
the roar of its jubilance caged in his ear.

His mouth was a cavern of wo…

Ghost Husband

0 fog_byJohnWestrock

The Chief stands at the head of the table

shaking the eagle claws strung round his neck

the bear teeth and quills fixed on his belt,

rustles the seal bones strapped round his wrists

then casts his eyes to his daughter-bride Nashawa