House of Shells

0 DSC_2341

(illustration by French artist Christine Chamson)

He came washed up, limbs wavering
shells caught in the net of his Sargasso hair
the glint of the sea lodged in his eye
the roar of its jubilance caged in his ear.

His mouth was a cavern of wo…

Ghost Husband

0 fog_byJohnWestrock

The Chief stands at the head of the table

shaking the eagle claws strung round his neck

the bear teeth and quills fixed on his belt,

rustles the seal bones strapped round his wrists

then casts his eyes to his daughter-bride Nashawa


1 Japan, late 18th century

It happens at sunrise and sunset, her call
and the arch of her back,
the light catching the specks of salt on her spine.
She falls slowly, cascading into the bay,
carving through waves, streaming through sargassum
then resurfaces, lips lined wit…


1 Cattle-and-Dog

A crow lies frozen in the furrows

claws to the sky.  In a distant field a horse

neighing.  We await

the thaw.  But the horse is still calling,

another crow avidly feeds on his friend

while the buzzard hovers, switches, soars.

The sk…