Arctic Shaman’s Seance

0 Photo credit: Ralph T. Coe Collection, Gift of Ralph T. Coe Foundation for the Arts,

The snow fell quietly, covering the settlement in a thick white blanket.  The shaman had told Okwana she’d recognize the singing hut by the large narwhal ivory which jutted up out of the roof; it whistled when the wind raced over the ice, he’d said.  The flakes flew round her in eddies, whipped up by […]

The Hat

0 hat

John stood in front of his mirror.  His hair was receding, it was falling out at an alarming rate.  He inspected his scalp and decided: yes, he’d have to get a hat.   The cream wasn’t working.  He’d been rubbing it in for three weeks but that was not good because there was hardly anything left […]