L'Angélique et l'Archange

0 Hornstrandir, where Thorsgeir clung onto the angelica roots so as not to fall. Courtesy: Islande24

Un guerrier à moitié fou appelé Thorgeir et son frère le poète Thormod, se promenaient dans les montagnes islandaises en quête d’angélique, une plante pour faire leurs soupes, leurs salades et leurs remèdes médicinaux. À l’endroit connu aujourd’hui s…

Independent People: Iceland, Fire and (pr)ice

0 Geothermal Heated Greenhouses in Iceland. Source: BTL Liners.

“The love of freedom and independence has always been characteristic of the Icelandic People.”  Independent People, by Halldor Laxness, Nobel Prize in Literature. As we stood neck deep in the hot thermal waters with geysers spouting all around us, my husband and I peered through the rising steam and cold evening drizzle to see that […]