I’m a bi-national English/French independent journalist, published poet and fiction writer living in France between Paris and Normandy. After a Masters and first part Doctorate from the Paris Sorbonne University in comparative literature, I worked for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, the British Broadcasting Corporation/BBC, French television, and as media coordinator for the Paris based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development/OECD.  A member of the UK National Union of Journalists/NUJ I run workshops in English and French on creative writing.

These pages speak of human interaction with nature, landscapes, and history.  Essays cover world-wide, national, and local environmental initiatives taken – whether sustainable or not – and the impact of individual initiatives on local communities.  Facts in the articles are based on what I have witnessed, on interviews conducted, and on detailed research.

The poems and fiction are inspired by the natural environment and a growing anxiety about a fast receding green landscape, showing what we can learn from nature, the delicate balancing act we need to play when harnessing it to our needs – needs which should be constantly questioned.  The poems and stories have been published (sometimes under my pen name Annie Shepherd) in the small UK and US presses, including Orbis, Forward Poetry, Poetry Monthly, Littoral Press, Upstairs at Duroc, New Writing Scotland, Chapman, Paris/Atlantic… and online.

My travels take me mostly to the Northern hemisphere, including Iceland, the US and the Northwest Coast of Canada where indigenous lore and legends capture the imagination.

I also play the piano, harpischord, and a recently purhcased clavicord  (Bach’s favourite instrument) – from a clavicord maker based in Limoges.  Its delicate sonority means playing it late into the night disturbs no-one, and it sounds like the tinkling of the stars.

Your comments are welcome (be sure to hit your ‘return’ button once you’ve written them, otherwise they don’t take).  Otherwise contact me at angela.howard @ wanadoo .fr